Street Art Walks Belgrade (STAW BLGRD) is a research project conducted by the Belgrade-based Civil Association Artikal. Our goal is to explore artistic production in the local scene from 2017 to 2025. These walks are also imagined as an educational part of our work, adjusted to a wider audience and accessible to everyone who finds graffiti and street art even remotely interesting.

The ongoing offer Belgrade Street Art Experience is made in collaboration with Explore Belgrade! and covers graffiti, street art and murals. The walks lasts for 3h and takes place in the city's very center. For booking, please visit Explore Belgrade! website, or if you're interested in other walks offered here on our site, write to us: streetartwalksbelgrade(at)gmail.com. For any updates, follow our Facebook page.

Silver Linings Walk – is a two part walk that starts at the end of main pedestrian street, Knez Mihajlova, in front of the City Library, and continues past Terazije and Slavija, up Makenzijeva to the corner of Mileševska and Žička. Silver Lining Walk Center ends at Slavija square and Silver Lining Walk Vračar starts there. This two part walk gives an overview of traditional mural paintings in the city center, as well as the highlights of contemporary graffiti and street art in the city.

3B (Belgrade Belly Button) Walk – takes place in one of the oldest areas of the city, Dorćol. The meeting place is in front of the City Library on Knez Mihajlova and from there we will be walking up and down the hill in serpentines, stopping to take in the graffiti and street art works that currently line these streets.

Hall of Fame Walks – From the City Library in Knez Mihajlova we walk down Pariska and Karađordeva, explore the Savamala area and continue uphill to the center of the city. During this walk you will see some of the best works that have served as a coordinated attempt to revive this once glorious and now mostly neglected area of the city.


Tours Duration Recommended participation/contribution
Silver Lining Center Up to 3 hours 18€
Silver Lining Vračar Up to 3 hours 18€
Hall of Fame Up to 3 hours 18€
Belgrade Belly Button Up to 3 hours 18€


The controversy surrounding graffiti and street art seems to be one of their most attractive qualities. Unfortunately, this feature is almost the only thing that the audience is allowed to see, while behind the scenes there is a whole universe of fresh, exciting and creative ideas.

This is the world we, art historians, want to uncover and share with you. Out there on the streets, in its natural setting, graffiti and street art will get a grip on you, for better or worse. These walks are a part of a wider research project that aims to document the contemporary graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade and will result in an academic publication. One of the goals of the project is to unify research, documentation, academic activities and educational workshops/walks. It is very important to us to share the knowledge we acquire during our research with the widest possible audience and to not restrict the access to a very small academic circle. We love it and we want to share that experience with you.


Ljiljana Radošević

Ljiljana Radošević

is an art historian and cultural manager from Belgrade, currently finishing her Ph.D. studies about street art at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

The title of her Ph.D. thesis is “Understanding Street Art”. This title was not chosen lightly, because she has been interested in graffiti and street art since she started her university studies. They have been her focus of interest throughout most of her professional life. In 2000 she started following Belgrade graffiti artists on a regular basis and that was it, she was hooked. She did her MA Art History thesis about Belgrade graffiti and has continued to follow the scene ever since. She has also organized several exhibitions, given many lectures and co-organized the graffiti project “New Way, New Life” for BELEF in 2003.

Graphic forms of expression in art and popular culture underline all of her interests in Art History and she went back to her first love – comics - during the course of her second MA in Cultural Management. This also resulted in her winning an internship at the most prestigious comic festival in Europe – FIBD Angoulême.

After several research positions unrelated to street art and graffiti, she returned to street art in her doctoral thesis in 2009. She did more than 50 interviews with graffiti and street artists, gallerists and researchers in Barcelona, London, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm. In addition to her thesis, she has published about a dozen academic articles about graffiti, street art and comics.

And now, after all this time she thought it was time to put the spotlight on the Belgrade scene again and dedicate proper academic attention to the new and exciting things happening on its streets.


Srđan Tunić

Srđan Tunić

is an art historian and freelance curator from Belgrade, currently enrolled on the MA programme Cultural Policy and Management (UNESCO chair, University of the Arts, Belgrade).

His affection for street art was cooking for quite some time and in late 2012 he co-founded INFILTRI street art project, platform and web archive with a group of people around the Mediterranean region. The project aimed at documenting street art from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with a political and social focus, triggered by the use of street art in the Arab Spring. After a couple of research trips, the project went on hiatus in mid 2014 due to lack of funding and a website hack. One of the members, Caram Kapp, later took part in the Homeland case hactivism.

Another Mediterranean project was the multimedia festival DJART’14, organized by Trans-Cultural Dialogues, that took part in Algiers in November 2014. Taking place in public spaces of the city, activities included: interventions in public space in collaboration with the Algerian street art collective AKAKIR, a stickers lab with Walid Bouchouchi, a group of street artists doing Calligraffiti, and the famous eL Seed who made a mural at Didouche Mourad Bvd.

Both of these projects are part of the Cultural Innovators Network.

What about Belgrade? Well, in spring 2013, as part of the Kustosiranje / About and Around Curating platform, he participated in organizing an exhibition at Dom Omladine Beograda (Cultural Center of the City of Belgrade). The exhibition, titled „Čekamo vas / We are waiting for you“, made by a collective of authors, tackled the question of society‘s insensitivity by addressing messages of hate in public spaces in Serbia. He also organized the production of Muhamed Kafedžić's mural at elementary school Đorđe Krstić in Belgrade (The Great Super Mario Wave of Čukarica).

For more about Srđan‘s work, see: https://srdjantunic.wordpress.com/



Srdjan and Ljilja are some of the most knowledgeable and uncomplicated Street Art researchers I can think of. They are the first people I go to when I need in-depth and humorous information about histories and current developments in Serbia and beyond. Their understanding of the artistic processes underlying the manifestation of art on the street and empathy with the communities behind them make any expedition into walls a pleasurable firework of information, art, activism and history.


Caram K.

I highly recommend Srdjan’s services as a street art guide. On my previous tours with him, he has proven knowledgeable not only about the different types and locations of street art, but also about the historical and cultural backgrounds of them. He is also informed on many of the artists who make the street art. I would readily go on another guided tour with him.


Travor C.

Srđan Tunić is a passionate „street walker“ and art critic, with whom this visual city phenomenon could be exciting to see, as well as to find out the city‘s pulse directly and without a „politically correct“ selection. Also, his informal, personal and grounded approach, based on years of research, is a great way to be introduced to Belgrade street art.


Andrej B.

I can highly recommend a city/street art tour guided by Ljiljana, she is an excellent observer of underground culture. I myself have discovered many wonderful things in our everyday life with the help of Ljiljana! You too will surely find something intriguing and the streets will never look the same again.


Junko K.

Definitely the most knowledgeable person about street art I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Ljiljana gave us a memorable tour of Belgrade during our stay there. She has all the knowledge of the local, but her experience of living abroad also gives her the perspective of a tourist, so she will know the places that will excite you :)


Ave R.

Ljiljana is the Master Yoda of street art. She’s super chill and knows probably everything about the street art. If you are looking for someone who can introduce you into the street art and the city, she’s the ONE. With the art historian background, her story will be a mixture of the historical background of the city and the street art. You will be surprised by all the super cool yet hidden spot she will show you.


JuYia Z.

I spent a lovely three hours with Srdjan, who is very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. He also speaks impeccable English and is popular - people keep bumping into him and say hi! These walks are a great way to see a side of the city away from the beaten tourist track. Highly recommended.


Dave R.

The perfect way to spend your time - have fun, learn a lot and, most importantly, truly feel the heartbeat of ever-changing Belgrade streets! Ljiljana and Srđan are amazing, passionate guides who really stand out from the crowd.


Mira L.

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